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The former head of the Foreign Investment Agency (FIA) Georgi Tabakov gave as a present to his successor Nikolai Marinov an icon of St. George, wishing that it would protect the Agency. Mr. FIA's new President, on his part, promised to follow Mr. Tabakov's example and give an icon of St. Nikolas as a present to the person who would take over the post from him. In that way, the former and the newly-appointed FIA heads demonstrated good style and continuity, which so important to foreign investors.Aggressive marketing will be the policy to be followed by FIA, its new President promised, comparing his philosophy for attracting capital with the work of distibutors, engaged in direct marketing. We'll be knocking on the doors of big investors, we'll write letters to them, visit them, and finally bring them to Bulgaria in order to convince them that things are not so bad here, Mr. Marinov said. Together with Premier Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha he will try to attract serious entrepreneurs and ansure projects not only from Europe, but from the Middle East as well.Nikolai Marinov, who has an American citizenship, arrived in Bulgaria after 27 years of absence from his native country, to become chief coordinatior of the National Movement Simeon II before the parliamentary elections. I've not returned in order to become an MP or a minister, the businessman said then and kept his promise for almost half a year. He explained the change in his stance by the amazement of many of his friends in New York, who asked him why Bulgarians were so successful in the USA and at the same time their native country had a bad image.I'm against bureaucracy and, therefore, I don't think it would be proper to transform the Agency into a ministry, Mr. Marinov said in front of the BANKER weekly. Attraction of investments to agriculture, which has been neglected for years, will be a priority to the FIA, although the forthcoming privatisation of the energy sector is expected to attract major interest, he explained.Nikolai marinov was born on January 3, 1947 in Pazardjik. FIA's new President graduated in Electricity Supply from the Machine and Electrical Engineering Institute in Sofia. A year after getting his diploma, he emigrated to the USA. In 1977-1978 he won scholarship of Merrill Lynch and attended courses in management at the New York University. Later on he worked for that financial institution and for other Wall Steet companies, beginning at ALGIN MGMT. In the last 13 years he has been owner and Vice President of Cornerstone Management Systems Inc., whose head office is in Manhattan. The corporation manages and rents buildings and offices in New York.Foreign investments are hot talk lately. They are an inseparable part of every deal. Investors are highly respected all over the world. We'll have to prove that Bulgaria os a good place to invest money in. And we have the great privilege that Premier Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gothar has perfect reputation and good contacts both in Europe and in the Middle East, Mr. Marinov pointed out.

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