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Former Finance Minister Mouravey Radev to the BANKER weekly

Mr. Radev, which is the first task that the new Minister of Finance should busy himself with?
- The tax policy to be followed by the new Government should be very quickly made clear. A procedure for drafting the 2002 budget should be immediately initiated as well. My advice to Milen Velchev is to firmly stand the Finance Ministry's grounds in the Government, as I have been doing within four years.
I also recommend my successor to have more trust in the people working at the Ministry of Finance. He should rely on their advice, analyses and forecasts, as they are experienced professionals and perfect experts.

Is it true that the finance minister is all alone against the other members of the cabinet?
- Exactly. And if anyone denies that, this means that he is not aware of what I'm speaking about. If the minister of finance is not capable of forcing his opinion on the cabinet, both he and the government in which he participates will go through fire and water.

You left a budget surplus of BGL129MN, but after the payment of due interest to the London Club there will be a deficit in the Treasury. Aren't you worried that this would prompt political attacks against you?
- I don't think there will be any problem. The programme for the fulfillment of the 2001 budget envisioned deficit towards mid-year and we reported surplus instead. This provides to the new Finance Minister an opportunity to manoeuvre more freely with the Treasury's revenues and expenditures.

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