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A new healthcare authority - a Chamber of Medical Workers - will coordinate the interests of patients and doctors. This is the function of the body, stipulated by the draft, which the National Movement Simeon II (NMSII) filed to the parliamentary Health Commission for approval, its members informed the BANKER weekly. The changes in the medical branch organisation were among the basic pre-election commitments of NMSII. The draft on the medical chamber is the first act on healthcare, prepared by the new rulers. Blue opposition is expected as soon as discussions begin. The present Chairman of the Bulgarian Medical Union (BMU) and member of UDF's parliamentary group, Dr. Dimitar Ignatov, who is the author of the currently effective Act on Doctors and Dentists Branch Organisations (adopted in 1998) will definitely react to the new law. Dr. Ignatov and other UDF members put forward a draft to amend the current Act on Branch Organisations on Wednesday. Now they propose the establishment of a National Medical Specialty Association. Doctors are still obliged to be members of profiled organisations.However, NMSII's draft bill will not meet the expectations of another group of doctors who hope for changes in the management of the Bulgarian Medical Union (BMU), whose next session will be held no sooner than the beginning of 2003. According to the draft document, BMU will not be transformed into a medical chamber and will keep operating as usual.According to the new model, there will be three subjects operating in the healthcare sector. One is the healthcare fund which will defend the interests of patients. BMU and the dentists branch organization will stand on the opposite side. In the middle there will be the Chamber of Medical Workers.All doctors and dentists will have to be registered in the chamber. It will license specialized medical workers, establish rules of good medical practice and watch for their observation. It will also be responsible for the doctors' qualification.The rights of BMU should be extended too. It will also take care of the starting medical workers.

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