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Approximately 80% of the Bulgarian people prefer domestic products instead of imported ones and about 70% of them do not agree with the statement that most domestic products are of low quality. However, more than a half of the Bulgarians are not satisfied with the quality of the packing of local products. This is the conclusion from a study by BBSS Gallop International made on occasion of the beginning of the third stage of the campaign called Domestic is Fashionable which supports domestic production. The campaign is organized by the Ministry of Finance and is supported by the press and electronic media united in the Union of Publishers in Bulgaria and the Union of Bulgarian National Electronic Media.
The third stage of the campaign is the last one and will pass under the title Domestic is Also Fashionable Abroad. It aims at encouraging Bulgarian producers and domestic products that are successful on the foreign markets, the Minister of Finance Plamen Oresharski said at the opening of the final stage. The Ministry is awarding a Golden Compass prize for contribution to the development of the Bulgarian production. Minister Oresharski underlined that the deficit on the trade account was growing fast and there were few and not so efficient fiscal mechanisms to affect this process. One way to reduce the effect from this negative trend is to stimulate the export and the competitive power of the local companies, he added.
The final stage of the campaign will last three weeks. On December 21, the financial minister will hand in the great award for the Bulgarian good most successfully sold abroad. The awards will be divided in the following categories: Industrial Good, Consumer Good, and Award of the Bulgarian Journalists. The nominations in the first two will be made by the Bulgarian Economic Chamber, the Bulgarian Commercial and Industrial Chamber, and the Union of Publishers in Bulgaria. The collaboration of the media will be sought for the nominations in the third category.
The first winners of the Golden Compass award will be chosen by a jury presided by Minister Oresharski. We want to encourage Bulgarian producers whose commodities have proven their vitality and competitive power on the foreign markets, he concluded.

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