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A project for cereal and oil-bearing crops will be implemented in the Silistra and Dobrich regions in Dobroudja jointly with the Berlin-based Debis company, the regional administration of the Danubian town of Silistra announced.
The two regional administrations, the Association of Grain Producers in Bulgaria, the Cereal Foods joint-stock company of Silistra and the German company have already signed a memorandum of intent. The project aims to increase the output of cereal and oil-bearing crops, to improve harvesting, processing and trade. The existing facilities will be remodelled and new ones will be built, including durum wheat and maize flour mills and refineries for sunflower and rapeseed. The German company may invest at least 20 million euros. The first concept for project implementation and financing must be ready by the end of July. Dobroudja, known as the breadbasket of Bulgaria, has about 200,000 ha of arable land. Nearly 70 per cent of it is used for growing the staple crops of the Silistra region: wheat, maize, barley.

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