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All senior officials of the Ministry of Finance will go to Borovetz on Monday, July 28. Finance Minister Milen Velchev and his deputies will participate in the seminar, organized by the ministry. They will discuss issues connecetd with the budget, foreign debt and schemes for its management, tax policy, etc.On September 2 the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) will launch on the market a BGN1 coin. It will be two-coloured: its inner circle - made of white alloy, and its outer part - yellow. St. Ivan Rilsky will be depicted on its back. The coin will not replace the BGN1 banknote which is in circulation. As of September 2 the BNB will be also selling 2,000 commemorative 15.5-gram Gold Bulgarian Lev coins.On July 23 Corporative Bank launched a new product - Preferential Deposit in euro. The interest on it will depend on the term and amount of the investment. EUR500, deposited for a period of six months will bring a 4.75% yield, EUR1,000 will bring a 4.90% interest for the same period, and EUR5,000 will yield 5.10 per cent. Clients will get 5.50% interest on a one-year deposit of EUR500, 5.65% for EUR1,000, and 5.85% for EUR 5,000. The yields on two-year deposits will raise by one more point above these interest rates.On one and the same date, July 22, Bulgarian Post Bank (BPB) and United Bulgarian Bank (UBB) gathered the owners of bonds, issued by them. Both meetings were aimed to nominate a representative of the bond issues among the companies, which have invested in this kind of securities of each of the two banks. Holders of BPB bonds will be represented by Doverie pension insurance company, and the owners of UBB's bond issue will be represented by DSK Bank.

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