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We have not given up the idea of participating in the privatisation of Biochim Commercial Bank, Stoyan Alexandrov, Chairman of the Management Board of Tokuda Credit Express Bank, said. In the end of February I'll visit Japan where I'll meet the bank's major shareholder Dr. Tarao Tokuda. We'll decide if his Tokushukai Medical Corporation will bid for Biochim, Mr. Alexandrov explained.I don't know anything about a preliminary inquiry in connection with the first Bulgarian issue of Eurobonds, Finance Minister Milen Velchev told the BANKER weekly, referring to the announcement in the Standard daily that such an iquiry has been initiated. It was just a joke when I told your colleagues that my activities regarding the Eurobond issue could be checked up too, Mr. Velchev explained.The reasons that made me resign from the position of a director of the State Receivables Agency are not at all connected with my work, the agency's executive director Alexandar Rakov told the BANKER weekly. No pressure has been exerted on me. I made the decision for personal reasons, he underlined. Mr. Rakov explained he had notified Finance Minister Milen Velchev a month ago about his resignation. According to Finance Ministry sources, the candidacy of the agency's incumbent Secretary Todor Palazov for the vacant position is one of the strongest.The Executive Director of Biochim Commercial Bank Nikolai Kavardjikliev was spotted in the Vienna cafe of the Bulgaria hotel of February 13. He was having his morning coffee with Alvin Gouri from the Bulgarian office of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Businessmen who were sitting at the next table told the BANKER weekly that Mr. Kavardjikliev and Mr. Gouri were discussing the opportunity for some of Biochim's clients to get investmet loans from the EBRD.Municipal Bank will be servicing the credit from the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation for the construction of the Sofia underground, Vanya Vassileva, Executive Director of Municipal Bank informed the BANKER weekly. On February 6 the Sofia Municipality and the Japanese bank signed the contract for the loan, amounting to USD104MN.

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