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Bankservice AD will move to HEBROSBANK's Sofia branch office Vitosha, located at 41, Tsar Boris III st. The two sides have reached an agreement that Bankservice will purchase two floors, and the ground floor shall remain property of the credit institution.

As of October 2001 the credit cards, issued by NEFTINVESTBANK, can be used for purchase of goods and payment of services at all filling stations, owned by Petrol.

The structure of Bulgaria's foreign debt, which amounted to US8.679BN by end-July 2001, has changed. The country's liabilities to the Paris Club creditors dropped to 5.5%, and the Brady bonds liabilities went up to 57.2 per cent. Payments to the International Monetary Fund represent 13.2% of Bulgaria's total indebtedness to foreign creditors, and those to the World Bank represent 9.2% of the aggregate liabilities.

EUROBANK will launch a new product in September - debit cards allowing the use of an advantageous consumer credit - the financial instutution announced. Consumer credits will be offered to two main groups of clients. The first one includes all employees of firms' and organisations', which which EUROBANK has closed contracts for remitting their salaries into debit cards. The ceiling of the allowed credit will be equal to two net salaries, and the repayment term - up to 12 months. The second group inclused customers, keeping saving deposits at EUROBANK. They will be offered an overdraft of up to 80% of their deposits in the bank.

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