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On July 31 Levon Hampartsumyan was granted by the central bank a certificate to become a member o BULBANK's Management Board. Mr. Hampartsumyan will in fact represent the bank's managerial team and will assume duties on September 1.

Finance Minister Milen Velchev will be absent from Bulgaria till August 8. On August 2 he flew to London where he will have to conclude some personal matters, connected with his moving to Sofia. Mr. Velchev's absence is used to repair his office in the Ministry. The walls and the ceiling are being puttied and painted, and the parquet is being scaped.

Although Stoyan Alexandrov left his deputy position in the 39th National Assembly, the former finance minister who had signed in 1994 the agreement with the creditor banks from the London Club, decided to not divirce from parliamentary affairs and became a supernumerary collaborator to the parliamentary Budgetary and Finance Commission. He will be advising its members while waiting for the court to enter his name in the company registers as Executive Director of Tokuda Express Bank. In the Commission Mr. Alexandrov will have the opportunity to dispute on the budget's problems with another former finance minister - Mouravey Radev - who is now MP.

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