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Ivan Iskrov, who was nominated by the National Movement Simeon II (NMSII) to chair the parliamentary Budget and Finance Commission, met with BNB's Vice Governor Emilia Milanova. They discussed the idea of NMSII's economic team for setting up an unified financial supervision to monitor banks, insurance companies, and pension funds. The expedience of incorporating bank supervision into a single structure, however, should be carefully considered. According to some economists from the NMSII such an unification could be done after two or three years.

On July 10 Ozlem Arslaner Dedeoglu was granted a certificate by the BNB to become member of the Management Board and Executive Director of Demirbank (Bulgaria). The Supervisory Board of the credit institution approved the candidacy of Ms. Dedeoglu on July 12 in Turkey. She is expected to arrive in Bulgaria within three weeks, after all formalities regarding the court registration and the replacement in the Management Board are completed.

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