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As early as next week the mayors of the 26 regional towns may institute legal proceedings, litigating the registration of the former municipal hospitals as joint-stock companies. We'll advise them to take such action as a last resort in order to regain the nationalized medical institutions, lawyers from the National Association of Municipalities said to the BANKER weekly. We were waiting so far because we wanted the rpoperty to be restored normally and in one and the same way throughout the country.By one of its first decisions at its session on September 5 the new parliamentary Health Commission tossed this hot problem to the executive, assigning it the task to say by October 15 how the municipal hospitals' property should be justly distributed. The deadline expires on Monday. However, no solution to the debatable issue has been found yet.The mess regarding the statute of the 26 municipal hospitals (formerly known as untited regional hospitals), is being cooked on a slow fire for five months now. On May 21 the Constitutional Court ruled as a breach of the law the existence of a state-owned stake of 51% in all the 26 municipal hospitals, which have become joint-stock companies. The remaining 49% have been distributed between the municiaplities in each region, proportionally to the propulation. All this is in complinace with the Medical Institutions Act, and the re-registration under it was effected by Septemebr 1, 2000. The magistrates' ruling means that the hospitals are 100% municipal property. The problem lies in the practical implementation of this ruling.

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