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Each fifth tax-payer had not declared additional incomes received in 2002, it became clear from a check of the Chief Taxation Administration. After processing the data, submitted by firms about the fees they had paid, it turned out that 255,877 people had received money from companies, which they have not included in their taxation declarations. Such reports are required from firms not only for renumeration paid under civil contracts, but also for rents received by natural persons, incomes from insurance funds, sale of real estates and securities, etc. Only salaries are not subject to special declaration. Some 1 million people (excluding traders paying patent taxes) filed taxation declarations for 2002. The results showed that one fifth of those who received official incomes had not declared them. It is possible that some of the citizens were not aware they were obliged to do that, as until a few years ago it was assumed that taxation declaartions need not be sumbitted if the received amounts were less than the tax-exempt minumum income. The number of people who did not declare their incomes probably exceeds 255,877, as only firms have to sumbit information about who they had paid to. The Taxation Administration cannot learn from anywhere that a citizen of a seaside town rents his house to vacationers (unless he has closed a contract with a certain enterprise). The greatest number of people who have not declared their incomes - 23,335 - are in the Bourgas region. Surprisingly, next comes Dobrich with more than 18,000 unprompt tax-payers, and Stara Zagora follows. In another 47,751 cases the declared received incomes are lower than those, reported by the firms which paid them. In that list citizens in Sofia logically come first, with13,647 incorrect declarations, almost as much as the unfiled 13,819.

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