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A computer hall of the Statistics and Econometry department of the University of National and World Economy was opened on Monday, February 24. The 18 IBM computers and the server with which the hall is equipped, worth BGN27,000, are a donation from the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB). The opening ceremnony was attended by BNB's Governor Svetoslav Gavrijski, the Vice Governor Emilia Milanova, and the Chairman of the parliamentary Budget and Finance Commission Ivan Iskrov. The computers are linked in a network, which enables the lecturers to monitor the students' work at any time, evaluate them and help them in real time. Mr. Iskrov said that by its donation the central bank has made an investment in its future, as many of its employees have graduated from that institution of higher education. After providing a quicker INTERNET-access the computers will be linked in a network with the National Statistics Institute. Thus, the students will be able to use their resources.

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