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How secure is blockchain really?

It turns out “secure” is a funny word to pin down. Още »
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What's up with @bitcoin?

By Jemima Kelly,  The Financial Times  Още »
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The Future Of Social Impact Is...Blockchain

By David Hessekiel, Forbes Още »
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Big Brother Is Coming for Bitcoin

The Daily Reckoning
They’re beginning to learn otherwise. Още »
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The SEC Lowers the Boom on Bitcoin

BY JAMES RICKARDS, The Daily Reckoning
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced yesterday that bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies meet the government’s definition of a security and are... Още »
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John McAfee: "Bitcoin Will Reach $1 Million by 2020"

SEAN MCCLOSKEY, The Daily Reckoning
The biggest blockchain stock explosion of 2018 is set to erupt, unleashing a tsunami of wealth for investors Още »
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How Blockchain And Batteries Flipped A Power-Line Developer To Microgrids

By Jeff McMahon, Forbes
Ed Krapels is a curious sort of electrical-transmission developer who thinks we don't need to develop more transmission. Още »
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UK Parliament’s Treasury Committee Launches Cryptocurrency Inquiry

By Gary McFarlane, Ethereum World News
The committee will look at how to balance regulation to protect consumers, businesses and the financial infrastructure “without stifling innovation”. Още »
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По закон заместник главният секретар на МВР изпълнява функциите на главния

Младен Маринов отговори и на политическите нападки срещу избора му за министър. Още »
По закон заместник главният секретар на МВР изпълнява функциите на главния
След 3 години: Възстановиха правата на Руската антидопингова агенция
Министър Маринов: Системата се нуждае от укрепване, гарантиране на сигурността на професионалните служители, кадровото и техническо обезпечаване