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According to the Customs Agency, Bulgaria has exported over 552 hectolitres of wine from January to mid-September. Bottled wine contributed most (401 hectolitres), followed by broached wine (120) and fizzy wine (936).The European Union has been Bulgaria's biggest partner in this field. Great Britain is first among the countries, followed by Germany and the Netherlands. Lately, Bulgaria has also increased its export to Sweden which is on its way to rank third in Bulgaria's export list. Poland is a significant wine consumer, too, and the Czech Republic has been following in its steps for the past two years.The average price at which Bulgarian bottled wine was sold in the European Union in 2003 was USD1.32 per litre. In 2004, the price reached USD1.40. The highest price of Bulgarian wine was registered in Portugal (USD3.50), while in Austria and Sweden a litre is sold for USD2.11.

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