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Rearrangements on the Bulgarian radio market are going on. Last week the Council for Electronic Media (CEM) gave the Vitosha radio program official permission to occupy the regional frequencies of Atlantic. So far Vitosha has been spread on the territory of Sofia, but after the merger its program will be on air in five of Bulgaria's biggest cities.The council allowed Atlantic Agency EOOD which holds the licence of Atlantic radio program on the territory of Plovdiv, Varna, and Dobrich, to change the radio name. From now on, the frequencies of Atlantic - Plovdiv, Atlantic - Varna, and Atlantic - Dobrich, will be called Vitosha - Plovdiv, Vitosha - Varna, and Vitosha - Dobrich respectively.The Council for Electronic Media also approved the requests of other two companies which have been producing Atlantic so far to be called Vitosha. Euroarch OOD which has been spreading the programs of the already non-existing radio stations in Bourgas and Pleven was allowed to call its stations Vitosha - Bourgas and Vitosha - Pleven. The name of the Sofia music station will become official in Blagoevgrad, too. Last week, the council gave permission to Nikolay Badinsky, Manager of Ritmo Plovdiv EOOD, to rename its Blagoevgrad frequency from Radio Ritmo to Vitosha - Blagoevgrad. Radio Ritmo in Plovdiv is currently keeping its name.The deal has not arrived for approval in the Competition Protection Commission, since none of the companies owns another radio station in the mentioned towns, the council members explained. The Council for Electronic Media takes into account the fact that a restructuring process, natural for the Bulgarian media market, is going on, the approval reads. The requesting parties declare that they will keep all program characteristics of the respective regional radio stations - news, regional news, culture, science, etc., and will therefore leave them sound like independent local radio programs. The owners of the media are known and the structure of their capital is transparent. The media councillors have decided that a month after the changes have become valid they will conduct a monitoring procedure in order to find out whether the radio stations stick to their program licences after the change of the names.

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