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The Sofia Municipal Privatisation Agency (SMPA) has invited a tender for the sale of the oldest chair lift in the Vitosha mountain - from Knyazhevo to Kopitoto - with the right of carrying out construction work on the 3,170 sq.m area of the Knyazhevo station. However, the explicit condition is to keep the subject of activity. The minimum bidding price is BGN200,000, and April 23, 2003 is the deadline for submission of preliminary offers.The building of the former Third City Hospital in Sofia on 3,306 sq. m total area will be also sold out at a tender. The initially set bidding price is BGN850,000 and 40% of the offered purchase price can be paid within a period of six months. Preliminary offers will be accepted till April 24.The bidding for 97.676% of the capital of the municipal public utitilies company Sredets will begin at an initial price of BGN2MN. Packages of registered shares in another seven enterprises, owned by the Sofia Municipality, will be put up for sale in end-March. 9,787 registered shares, representing 8.897% of the capital of BKS Mladost AD, 21,230 registered shares, or 8.197% of Svezhest AD, and 18,552 registered shares (8.197%) of Sofia Pharmacies AD, will be offered at public tenders with open bidding on March 26. The third offer is expecetd to attract most interest. The initial price for the package of shares in Sofia Pharmacies AD is BGN150,000. The purchase price can be paid within a year after the deal is closed. The initial bids for BKS Mladost AD and Svezhest AD are BGN10,000 and BGN20,000 respectively. An open procedure for the sale at public tenders with open bidding of minority packages of shares in Baker's Goods - Knyazhevo AD, Fine Mechanics AD, BKS Nadezhda AD, and Bankya - 21 AD, are expected to be invited by end-March.On April 2, the SMPA will trade 208,590 registered shares, representing 19.97% of the capital of Sofstroy AD, and 1,250 regsitered shares, or 25% of Sredetz AD. The initial price of the package in the first case is BGN200,000, and BGN100,000 - in the second, and a rescheduled payment within 12 months is possible.On April 3 a public tender with secret bidding will be invited for the sale of 14,836 registered shares, or 9.89% of the capital of Public Construction - Agrobuild AD, and 18,172 registered shares (9.356%) of the capital of BKS Vitosha AD. The initial bidding prices have been set at BGN60,000 and BGN28,000 respectively.Meanwhile, the Sofia Mayor Stefan Sofiansky invited a tender for a design and construction of a new section of the Metropolitan in the capital city. He underlined that both Bulgarian and foreign companies, as well as JVs can participate in the contest. The task includes construction, testing and commissioning of 2.3 km of the Metropolitan railway. All these activities will be assigned by a single contract.

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