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EUR9MN has been invested in the modernization of the Vinprom Karnobat wine-cellar in the past few years, the Chairwoman of the company's Board of Directors Dessislava Pesheva announced. About EUR1.5MN of these funds were provided under the SAPARD program and the remaining EUR7.5MN came from reinvesting and foreign creditors. The owners of the wine-cellar expect that thanks to the new technologies the company will process 15 million kilograms of grapes a year, from which 11 million litres of top-quality wines and brandies will be produced.BGN2MN has been invested in the plant renovation since the beginning of the year. The modernization includes all production stages - from accepting the grapes for processing to obtaining the final product, Mrs. Pesheva explained. She added that the company had acquired machines and equipment made by leading Swedish and Italian companies. The money launched under SAPARD helped for building a unique system for nitrogen preservation of the wines. Currently, Vinprom Karnobat owns 5,000 dka of vineyards and its owners expect the lands to increase by another 5,000 dka by 2005. Grapes of famous sorts such as Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, and Muscat are planted there. Last year the company produced 10 million kilograms of grapes, of which 8,000 tons of white wine and 6,500 tons of red wine were made. In 2004, the company will buy 10,000 tons of grapes.We think Vinprom Karnobat is the leading brandy seller on the Bulgarian market, the company's Executive Director Georgi Tchakurov boasted. He added that the Chateau Karnobat Muscat wine won a silver medal at the fourth international muscat wines competition, held in France last July. 259 wines produced in 24 countries took part in the competition.

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