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BGN500 will be the price of an annual vignette fee for heavy-freight trucks driving along the republican road network. A monthly vignette will cost BGN90, and a weekly one - BGN36. Drivers of mini-buses with more than eight seats will be required to pay BGN250 for a yearly subscription to driving the roads. A monthly fee will be worth BGN45, and a weekly one - BGN18. This is stipulated by the amendments to the tariff (approved by the cabinet on February 26) of fees that are collected by the Ministry of Regional Development and Welfare and by regional governors. The vignette system was introduced in Bulgaria with amendments to the Road Act voted at the beginning of the year.Vignettes will be obligatory for the two categories of vehicles mentioned above after April 1, 2004. The owners of mini-buses with up to eight seats and those of cars will start to pay a fee from the beginning of next year. Their annual vignette will cost BGN54, the monthly one will be BGN10 and the weekly - BGN4.The ministers decided that in 2004 vignettes will only be bought at the cross-border stations and the regional departments of the Road Agency across the country. The fees will be growing gradually until 2007.The amendments to the tariff also fix the prices of vignettes for cars with foreign registration which are almost twice more expensive than the ones sold to Bulgarian citizens. For example, TIR-trucks registered abroad will pay EUR689 for an annual vignette, EUR124 for a monthly and EUR25 for a weekly one. Prices will be valid by the end of 2005, when they will be drastically reduced.

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