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As of the beginning of this week the second mobile operator GloBul launched a new programme for corporate clients. GloBul Business Partner offers five different business packages which comply with the various levels of consumption (from 20 to 500 minutes). For conversations in a closed group subscribers will be able to use a preferential price that will be decreasing with the enlargement of the group itself. Additional discounts for each monthly bill will be offered depending on the consumption, as well as discounts of the prices of international conversations to two countries, to be chosen by the subscriber. Voice mail will be pay-free. The new programme allows the firms' costs for telephone services to be reduced by up to 30%, GloBul insiders are adamant. The basic package Business 0 has been developed for consumers who talks mainly within a closed group. The monthly subscription fee in that case is BGN6, and the standard price for conversations within the group is BGN0.10/minute. Calls to other telephone networks in the country cost BGN0.42/minute.Consumers with greater communications traffic may choose between the business packages Вusiness 100, 250 or 500. The monthly subscription fee for Business 500 is BGN123 and includes 500 minutes of conversations within the national telephone network. The standard price for conversations within the group is BGN0.10/minute. After the package is spent, the employees within the group may talk with other subscribers of the phone operator at BGN0.20/minute, and at BGN0.24/minute with subscribers of the Bulgarian telecommunications Company (BTC), Mobikom and MobilTel. The above-mentioned prices do not include value added tax (VAT). By request of the client GloBul's experts from the corporate sales department will carry out a detailed analysis of the respective company's structure - scale, communications traffic, location in the country, international relations, etc. - and on that grounds will offer the optimum solution for the client (a combination between the various packages).Business subscribers will be also able to use the Mobile Office service, through which the mobile and fixed telephones are connected in a single network with a private number plan. In that way each employee of the company is accessible at both his mobile and fixed phone through a short number. Conversations within the private network are charged as talks within a closed group.

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