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The new programme for getting a master's degree at the University for National and World Economy (UNWE) will give an opportunity to graduates from other institutes of higher education to acquire an economic subject for two years and a half. Some exams will be probably eliminated and thus the course of education will subsequently be shortened to two years. The students will take an external degree. The programme has been orientated to engineers, doctors or teachers who will have an opportunity to requalify, at that getting directly a higher educational degree, the Deputy Rector of UNWE Yossif Iliev explained. The programme's realization has become possible after the recent amendments to the Act on Higher Education, which give more freedom to the universities and reinstate the paid education for getting a master's degree. The fee for a semester will be BGN600, and BGN800 will be charged for getting a degree in the subjects Accounting and Finances. Presently, the annual fee for a master's degree is BGN190, and BGN90 - for taking an external degree. (However, the bulk of the amount - BGN703 per student is being paid by the State.)Only students whose graduation marks are higher than 4.50 shall be entitled to apply for the new master's degree programme. The requirements for minimum results from the university studies do not concern the applicants for the other programmes that will be maintained.Thus, together with the paid education for non-economists, UNWE offers also a one-year training of bachelors from the economic subjects. Those who want to get a master's degree in a different subject from the one they have studied for four years and a half, will have to study for another year and a half. As of this year the education for a bachelor's degree at UNWE will be shortened from nine to eight semesters (four years).

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