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United Bulgarian Bank (UBB) is going to launch a new type of credit MasterCard on October 4. The card will be co-branded and will be issued in co-operation with the GloBul mobile operator.Football is what united us, UBB Chief Executive Officer Stilyan Vutev explained. MasterCard supports many football championships across Europe as well as the Champions League, while GloBul is the major sponsor of the Bulgarian national football team, he added. The other thing that UBB and GloBul have in common is the fact that both of them have Greek owners.The new credit card will provide its holder with a 2% bonus on the price of any acquisition in a store. The amount of the bonus will be deducted from the monthly mobile phone bill of the customer if he is a GloBul subscriber. However, the bonus cannot amount to less than BGN2 or exceed BGN60.The new cards will be issued due to an identity card and documents proving the customer has a permanent monthly income of at least BGN150. Depending on the salary of the applicant, his credit limit on this type of card may reach BGN10,000. The interest on the credit used is 19.5% per annum, but it starts to be accrued 45 days following the date of payment by the card holder.

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