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Discords arose again in the parliametary group of the National Movement Simeon Second (NMSII). This time the deputies failed to agree for whom to lobby in front of Premier Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha for the post of a Deputy Minister of Healthcare, vacated by Assoc. Prof. Peter Tenchev, whose resignation was accepted on March 21 and the candidates should be presented the PM by April 7. The Chairman of the parliamentary Healthare Commission Assoc. prof. Atanas Shterev and Ms. Antoniya Parvanova firmly backed teh candidacy of Decho Dechev. He was one of the candidates for executive director of the National Healthcare Insurance Fund (NHIF), but its management Board rated him second after Dr. Dimiter Petrov.
Decho dechev was born in 1995 in Kazanluk. He headed the Medicine Policy Department of the Healthcare Ministry for two years - from 1995 till 1997. From 1997 till 2001 he worked as an expert in Balkanpharma, and since the autumn of 2001 he headed a department of the NHIF. His name became became popular in July 2002 when he said in front of journalists that the NHIF did not have a consistent policy on medicines and accused its experts of inability to plan the money for medicines. After that he reigned, but soon NHIF's Management Board unexpectedly appointed him Deputy Director. In September 2002 he again quit the institution and became and became a director in Balkanpharma, responisble for the domestic market. Unlike Ms. Sterev and Ms. Purvanova, the Deputy Chairman of the parliamentary Healthcare Commission Tsvetan Tsvetkov believes that the vacated post of a Vice Minister of Healthcare should be occupied by Dr. Petko Salchev, whose candidacy is supported also by the MPs Ivan Kozovsky, Valeri Tsekov, and Aleko Kyurkchiev. Mr. Salchev is currently a procurator of the Tsaritsa Yoanna Hospital. He graduated in Social Medicine and Healthcare Management. According to pundits, he stands much greater chances of overtaking the vacated post due to his close relations with the former director of teh hospital and incumbent MP Plamen Kenarov, who is close with the Premier.The forecast that Petko Slavchev will be Bozhidar Finkov's deputy is also confirmed by the circumstance that the Healthcare Minister himself already presented Mr. Slavchev's candidacy to the PM on March 25.I recommended Dr. Petko Slavchev for the post without any hesitation, Mr. Finkov said in front of the BANKER weekly. He is a highly qualified professional and prooved himself as an excellent maanger in the hospital. I would like to work with him because he is loyal and wound not betray people who have trusted him, the Healthcare Minister pointed out.

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