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Two candidates have applied for the position of an executive director of the newly-established Public Procurement Agency with the Ministry of Economy, the Deputy Minister Evgenia Koldanova said. The name of the new head will be known at the end of the ongoing competition at the Ministry of Economy, Ms. Koldanova added during a conference organized by the ministry and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) on April 20. The forum was dedicated to the amendments to the Public Procurement Act adopted by the Parliament in late March. The amendments stipulate that control over public procurement should be transferred from the Minister of State Administration Dimiter Kalchev, to the Vice Premier and Minister of Economy, Lidiya Shouleva. The new agency is going to coordinate the closing of contracts, financed by the budget, and will also keep a register of the public procurement. As the BANKER weekly has already written, it will have 30 employees divided in three departments - Financial, Economic and Administrative; Monitoring, Analysis, and Methodology of Public Procurement; and Electronic Database. The activity of the agency's executive director will be supported by a chief secretary and an information security officer. However, the Ministry of Economy has kept silence so far about the possible nominations for executives of the new body. All formal and informal questions have been left without an answer, even after Ms. Koldanova made her statement last week.According to information of the BANKER weekly, one of the applicants is Miglena Pavlova, who is a member of the Institute of Certified Chartered Accountants. She is also a former partner of Radoslav Bozadzhiev, Deputy Minister of Economy, in MR Inter Consulting before he was appointed to the State's Government. Ms. Pavlova's nomination was first mentioned in business circles back in February. According to the Daxy information database, Miglena Pavlova and Radoslav Bozadzhiev are registered by the Sofia City Court as partners in the above mentioned company in 1999 and then the name of Mr. Bozadzhiev was cancelled in 2000.In the beginning of January 2004, Miglena Pavlova was registered by the Gabrovo Regional Court as a representative of Estates EAD Board of Directors. The company is solely owned by Severcoop-Gumsa Holding AD, whose executive director Mr. Bozadzhiev was in the 1996-2001 period.

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