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Corporate Bank's Supervisory Board will have 5 instead of 3 members, the shareholders of the commercial bank decided at their regular general meeting on June 30. The new members are: Tsvetan Vassilev, so far chairman of the Management Board and Executive Director of the Bank, and Alipi Alipiev. Now the Supervisory Board includes Tsvetan Vassilev, Nikolay Velkov, Roumen Lyutskanov, Zlatozar Surlekov, and Alipi Alipiev. (In November 2002, Mr. Alipiev left EIBank, whose executive director he was. Then, from March to mid-June 2003 he was curator of Corporate Bank.)Corporate Bank's shareholders appointed a new Management Board as well. The board will be presided by Yanko Ivanov, who has been a member and executive director so far. New executive directors and members of the bank's management are Orlin Roussev and Ilian Zafirov, who were curators of the bank.The changes in Corporate Bank's Supervisory and Management Board are now to be registered in court. Only then will a chairman of the Supervisory Board be appointed.Tsvetan Vassilev moved from the bank's direct management to its supervisory body after the Bromak financial house, owned by him increased its stake in Corporate Bank to 27 per cent.

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