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The Bulgarian Medical Doctors' Union and the Japanese Tokushukai Medical Corporation signed a cooperation agreement last Thursday. The agreement term is three years but will inevitably be extended, the two organisations declared.It stipulates that ten medical doctors chosen through competition by the union will go on a free specialisation course to Japan. The same chance will be given to three medics who have just graduated. Tokuda Bank Bulgaria is going to pay their stay in Japan. Moreover, it will pay for signing professional responsibility insurance of doctors who are members of the union. The exact amount is still subject to negotiations, the chairman of the union Dr. Andrey Kehayov told the BANKER weekly. Whether the insurance will be sold by Levski Spartak in which Tokuda Bank is a shareholder is not known yet, either.The credit institution is going to finance a newspaper issued by the medical doctors' union and will support the maintenance of its website.Tokuda Bank Bulgaria Executive Director Lozana Slavchova announced that on March 1 the institution would start launching consumer credits to doctors' union members under preferential conditions. The medics will get the money within 48 hours after filing an application. They will not need to provide property as collateral but only a reference note from the union. Tokuda Medical Standard credits will vary from BGN1,000 to BGN10,000 and will be launched for up to seven years. The interest rate will be 7.5 per cent. In May, the bank will begin to launch education and qualification loans to medical doctors as well as credits to individuals who need recovery, rehabilitation or cosmetic medical intervention. There will be no limit on the amount, it will be determined in any specific case and the interest will be about 9%, Mrs. Slavchova explained.Tokushukai Medical Corporation has serious intentions to invest in the Bulgarian healthcare, Dr. Tokao Suzuki, Vice President of the corporation, announced on February 24. He added that the Tokuda - Sofia hospital would be constructed by the end of April 2006. It will cost more than USD120MN. USD70MN will be invested in hospital equipment and medical appliances and USD50MN or USD60MN in the construction of the building. Only Bulgarian doctors will be working in it. All patients will have access to it and the whole profit will be reinvested in Bulgaria, Mr. Suzuki underlined. The hospital will occupy 9 floors and will offer 1,000 beds. It will be the most modern medical institution and will have 30 clinical departments, a diagnostic and a prophylactic centre, an emergency room, 16 operation rooms, a scanner. In the future, the hospital will become a Tokushukai Medical Corporation logistics and qualification centre for Eastern Europe and Africa. The corporation is planning to develop health tourism and Bulgaria will be an attractive destination for patients from Romania, Montenegro and the Balkan peninsula as a whole due to the quality medical aid and the accessible prices, Takahito Ohashi, Chairman of Tokuda Bank Bulgaria Supervisory Board and coordinator of the hospital construction, said.

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