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The Bulgarian office of the international company for express transport services TNT was certified on October 30 under the ISO 9001 and Investor in People quality standards. TNT's representatives are especially proud of the second certificate because it is the first company in Bulgaria that holds such a document. It is important that our example is followed by other big local companies as this certificate shows the state of development of human potential in a certain firm. These are direct investments in the only capital, which Bulgaria possesses to a sufficient degree at present, and this is the well-qualified personnel, Ivan Vassilev, Director of TNT Bulgaria pointed out. Mr. Vassilev added that the first results of the company's policy in that respect are alerady tangible. TNT's Bulgarian office has become a regional centre for export of know-how in system of the international company for express transport services. Our experts train their colleagues not only in the Balkan countries, but in advanced economies such as Israel, Mr. Vassilev explained.TNT is the only company worldwide, which has been conferred the Investor in People global certificate.

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