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Tsenka Petkova will be the third excutive director of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria). So far she was a member of the financial institution's Management Board and had the status of a deputy executive director. After Johan Jonah quit, Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) remained with two executive directors - the Chairman of the Management Board Momchil Andreev and Damyan Damyanov. Therefore, at a session of the Bulgarian credit institution's Supervisiory Board, held in the late afternoon of September 26, a decision was voted for the appointment of one more executive director. Ms. Petkova's documents were immediately sent to BNB's Bank Supervision department. Under the Banks Act, she will be able to assume her duties after the central bank issues her a certificate for the position of an executive director. Ms. Tsenka Petkova was born in 1952 and has two master's degrees - in Law and in International Trade and Marketing. She began her career in the finance sector in 1976 as a chief expert in the Bulgarian Foreign Trade Bank (presently BULBANK). In 1992 she became director of the Operations department in the International Bank for Trade and Development where she worked for two years. Since 1992 she has been employed in Raiffeisenbank. At first she headed the Operations department and afterwards - the Marketing and Analyses and the Branch Network department. In the beginning of 2002 Ms. Petkova headed the Operations directorate, and in November 2002 she was promoted to deputy executive director of the bank.

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