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The third infantry battalion leaving for Iraq was seen off by an official ceremony on Friday, June 2, 2004 in the town of Karlovo. The 130 Bulgarian rangers from the first group will set out for Karbala in a few days.Armeets is the new insurer of our contingent for Iraq, it became known from the official statement of Defence Minister Nikolay Svinarov on June 17.According to experts of the Bulgarian Army General Staff, the third infantry battalion is leaving for Karbala more prepared and considerably better insured than the first two. The Chief of General Staff stated that the insurances are individual for each ranger and Armeets covers completely the risks, included in the insurances for the first two battalions as well. The insurance company refused to make whatever comment on the insurances and their sizes. The former mission to Iraq was insured by DZI. In the summer of 2003 the company won the tender for an insurer of the Bulgarian military men in Iraq by offering the best price for the insurance of the 478-member First Infantry Battalion which left for Karbala in the beginning of August 2003. The insurance package was annual, and for each new group of rangers leaving for Iraq DZI was adding coverage to the signed policy. The insurance amount was BGN50,000, and each soldier was individually insured by Medical Expenses for Abroad, worth USD20,000. The overall insurance coverage against military risk, ensured by DZI, includes the insurances Accident, Medical Expenses, Cargo of Loads, Property, and Civil Liability. Under the insurance contract DZI paid a total of BGN250,000 to the families of the five soldiers who perished in Karbala. As per the terms of the insurance contract, the relatives of a dead soldier are entitled to get BGN50,000 and the expenses for repatriation of the corpsе.

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