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The last days of NMSII's mandate seemed particularly suitable for effecting a series of dubious deals. In the end of June, several days after the parliamentary elections, the Cabinet approved exchange of real estates with a total area of 1,970 dca, owned by the Ministry of Defence, against 44 flats. The Government's partners in that deal were the companies Jasmin Properties and Sfera Development. On Thursday, despite the appeals of various political forces to freeze all deals, the Council of Ministers approved a new exchange of a real estate of the Defence Industry near the Gurmazovo village (Sofia district), ceding it to Industrial Park Sofia AD in exchange pf 100 flats.These deals, however, rose the interest of the Military Prosecutor's Office of Appeal. On Thursday it announced that the deal with the companies Jasmine Properties and Sfera Development would be investigated.Whatever the findings of the prosecutors, it cannot but be seen that the same persons are involved in all the three deals. According to the DAXI database, 50% of the capital of Jasmin Properties is owned by Laurence Douglas Marceland and Robert Wiltshield Bell, registered in Australia and Vesselin Boyanov is the company's manager. He also participates in the management of Sfera Development, owned by the lawyer Borislav Boyanov (known with his company Borislav Boyanov Co) and Kuna Chuturkova. Mr. Boyanov holds also a 10% stake in Industrial Park Sofia AD (the third company with which the Government made a deal). The balance of 90% is held by Yordan Naidenov, who is Mr. Boyanov's partner in Borislav Boyanov Co.

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