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That is how it happens in life - week by week, season by season - the BANKER weekly welcomed its eleventh spring and started the twelveth year of its existence. The birthday was simply registered on April 12 and loudly celebrated on April 27. There were about five hundred friends of the newspaper who came to the Sky Plaza restaurant and drank to the paper's future prosperity as well as to the welfare of its editor-in-chief Ms. Bistra Georgieva, its reporters and editors.The BANKER weekly welcomed its anniversary professionally healthy and that was noted in the numerous congratulation cards, sent by people who were impeded by their professional engagements from attending the celebration. Among them were the Vice Premier and Minister of Economy Lidiya Shouleva, the Minister of Interior Georgi Petkanov, the Minister of Youth and Sports Vassil Ivanov, the Deputy Chairwoman of the National Assembly Kamelia Kassabova, the Prosecutor General Nikola Filchev, the Head of the Financial Investigation Agency Vassil Kirov, his counterpart from the Agency for Nuclear Regulation Emil Vapirev, BULBANK's CEO Levon Hampartsumyan...Those who celebrated - representatives of all banks, insurance companies, auditors, friends from other newspapers, TV and radio channels, ministers, members of the Parliament - enjoyed the hospitality of the editor-in-chief and the whole team until the next day broke.

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