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The Bulgarian Chamber of Craftsmen is planning new protests after its meeting with PM Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the branch organisation's Chairman Rangel Cholakov said. The chamber acquainted the Premier with the unfair (according to the organisation) amendments to the Natural Persons' Income Taxation Act, by which the patent taxes for some activities were hiked 5 to 8-fold. The branch organisation plans to call new protest meetings in front of the National Assembly in the days when the amendments to the Craftsmen Act and the Bill on Branch Unions will be voted in Parliament. The Bulgarian Chamber of Driving Instructors, on its part, projects hunger strikes, blocking of main thoroughfares, ans setting vehicles on fires. The patent tax for such activities was raised 172 per cent, and each driving instructor should pay a tax of BGN115 per month (which is charged for a monthly remuneration of BGN650). In order to get such a salary, a driving instructor should have a turnover of BGN2,000/month, which practically means that he/she should be training 20 students every month.

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