Банкеръ Weekly



The fate of newspapers often reminds not only of the people's destiny, but also of the fate of the myths they create. Newspapers' conception is usually a result of a whim, an ambition, or a trivial adventure. However, their life depends on the efforts they make, on the ability and the courage they show in order to resist the disloyal and quite nasty competition. We are not maintaining that the fate of the BANKER weekly is an extraordinary one. Even in the above mentioned sense. But this edition showed up in troubled times repleted with hope and disappointment. It was born in the early spring of 1993, when every single month a new name appeared into the newspaper market while at least other three disappeared. It was a time when fortunes were made in a few days and spent in a few months, when the secret but informal well-known list of Bulgarian millionaires was corrected as frequently as the changes of the Bulgarian Lev/ USDollar exchange rate. If not heroic it is at least a brave achievement to resist delusive temptations, to defend your ideas and to manage to survive in the brutal Bulgarian market.

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