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On June 21 the renowned American media tycoon Steve Forbes was awarded the title Doctor Honoris Causa of the New Bulgarian University (NBU). Mr. Forbes had lunch with the Head of the Mass Communications Department Assoc. Prof. Alexandar Angelov and specified some details about the scholarchips, granted by him to Bulgarian students.Steve Forbes is a descendant of a famous dynasty which went on record mainly by the publication of the eponymous financial magazine. He is on the list of billionaires (with capital of USD1.5BN), owns an island, castles in France, and a Boeing on which he flew to Sofia. Rumours say that Mr. Forbes (who began his career with his father) voted for himself a montly salary of USD1.5MN. During the visit of the Bulgarian Premier Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to the USA, the two met and talked, and a second meeting may be held during the visit of the US tycoon in Bulgaria.In 1996 Steve Forbes placed his candidacy to head the Republican Party, but lost the battle in competition with George W. Bush, who was afterwards elected US President. The NBU fills up its list of honorary Doctors Honoris Causa with a media tycoon for the first time. It is worth mentioning that the first one, awarded that title by the NBU, was the composer and piano-player Milcho Leviev for his 60th anniversary. Contrary to the practice of many high schools, the honorary Doctors Honoris Causa of the NBU actively participate in its work by giving lectures, heading master classes, seminars, etc.It is not yet known for sure how Mr. Forbes will thank for the high distinction, but there is talk that several students may be granted by him scholarships for studying both in the USA and Bulgaria.It would be interesting for the reading public of the BANKER weekly to know that the magazine found by the Forbes family in 1917 presently enjoys huge prestige in financial circles and its circulation is about 5,000,000. Financial services offered by the magazine and its precise lists such as The 500 Biggest US Companies, The 200 Best Small Companies, etc., are especially popular.

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