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Milk producers will be getting a subsidy of BGN0.06/litre of extra quality cow's milk and BGN0.05/litre of first quality milk in 2003, the Agriculture Fund has decided. The state subsidy for cow's milk has been increased by BGN0.02/litre as compared to the beginning of 2002. For the first time this year producers of sheep's milk will be subsidized and will be getting BGN0.07/litre. The subsidy for buffalo-cow's milk has been raised from BGN0.05/litre in 2002 to BGN0.07/litre in 2003. The aggregate limit of the Agriculture Fund's budget has been considerably increased, too. A total of BGN5MN will be distributed to subsidize the milk sector. In 2002 the resource of BGN2.3MN - set up in the beginning of the year - was exceeded and the really utilized amount reached BGN2,370,630. The money went to 2,113 farmers. In 2001 the subsidy of BGN1,823,911 was distributed to 1,603 agricultural producers. The time interval though the year for getting the subsidy has been raised, too. In 2003 it will be granted within a period of nine months - from February to October. Subsidizing thoughout the year has been projected. According to the Agriculture Ministry, this will help to bring most of the branch to the light. This is necessary with a view to the reached agreements with the EU and the forthcoming negotiations of export quotas. StatisticsIn 2002 juristic persons and sole traders were breeding 8.55% of the calves and cows, 13.95% of the buffaloes, 34.2% of the pigs, 2.7% of the sheep, and 0.1% of the goats. The remaining livestock was being raised in natural persons' private farms. About 70% of the milk output was delivered for processing to the dairies, and the balance remained in the hands of the producers for consumption by their families and relatives. Almost 95% of the milch cows in Bulgaria were raised in small farms (about 80,000 in number), with one to four cows. The farms with more than 10 cows were about 2,700.

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