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The Spetema Caffe Company has invested BGN12MN in the construction of its new Sofia-based plant. Its capacity of 6 tons of processed coffee per hour is sufficient to cover the whole consumption of coffee in Bulgaria. At present, the company exports 20% of its production, but it intends to expand its market share in Central and Eastern Europe. The factory is the most modern one on the Balkan peninsula. It is entirely equipped by the German Probat company, and the processing of raw materials is almost completely automated.Spetema Caffe was established in the middle of the 90s by Plamen Yurukov and his partner Yanik Mekushin. The company currently employs more than 300 people. It imports over 40 coffee sorts from plantations in Brazil, Colombia, and Kenya. It also operates on the futures coffee markets in London and New York.Spetema Caffe possesses its own distribution network which serves hotels, restaurants, public houses, and shops. The company has at its disposal 14 offices situated on the territory of the whole country. Its products are offered in aluminum foil packings of 0.1, 0.2, and 1 kg as well as in 250 g metal boxes. Among the most popular trademarks of the company are Spetema Superiore, Spetema Ragazzi, Spetema Decaffeinato, Spetema Fresca, and Spetema Turco.In the past twenty years, coffee sales have been constantly growing on the European market. A research held in Italy shows that more than a half of the population consumes the hot drink twice a day, and 20% enjoy it five times a day.Spetema Caffe's biggest rivals in Bulgaria are Kraft Foods Bulgaria, Elite Bulgaria, and Nestle Bulgaria which produces instant coffee.

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