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A protocol for co-operation between the Union of Free Democrats and the Union of Right Forces in Russia was signed by the leaders of the unions - Stefan Sofiyanski and Boris Nemtsov, in the Sofia-based Moskva park hotel on December 2. A Russian delegation led by the Duma member Boris Nemtsov was invited to visit Bulgaria by Mr. Sofiyanski, mayor of Sofia. The two parties will collaborate on the establishment of a European market economy in Russia and Bulgaria. They will also aim at achieving more efficient municipal self-governance, at fighting the corruption and establishing christian-democratic values.Bulgaria and Russia must overcome their complexes from the time of the cold war and must integrate economically in the European structures, said Boris Nemtsov. He wished the Sofia mayor and his party good luck on the coming local elections in 2003. He also expressed hope that right forces in Bulgaria will join forces in a coalition.

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