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The Sofia Municipal Privatisation Agency (SMPA) is preparing in January and February the sale of two underground garages in the capital city. Each of them has 50 parking places and will be sold after holding public competitions, informed Ivan Dimitrov, CEO of the Agency. The garages are located in Ovcha Kupel 2 district and were built in 1990. Their total built-up area is 1,220 sq. m and 1,240 sq. m. respectively.The SMPA underlines that it will prefer those offers which foresee preservation of the original function of the sites. The minimum price is BGN210,000 and the deadline to submit preliminary applications is 4 p.m. on February 19, 2003.In January and February the SMPA has scheduled over sixty tenders for open bidding of municipal non-residential estates in the housing complexes Mladost, Obelia, Lyulin, Levski-B, Levski-G, Suha Reka and Kremikovtsi. Their size varies between 10 and 90 sq. m. and the initial bidding prices - between BGN3,000 and BGN60,000. Ivan Dimitrov pointed out that the contracts signed by the PA in 2002 are 143 and amount to BGN8.548MN. 118 of them have been signed after tenders, 22 - after publicly announced competitions, and three deals have been carried out according to the former Transformation and Privatisation of State-owned and Municipal Enterprises Act.According to the annual plan of the SMPA, its main priority will be the sale of municipal non-residential estates. Apart from the commercial buildings, situated outside downtown, the Agency has also decided to sell all the unfinished building sites which are no longer public municipal property.

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