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The Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) fined for the second time Shock Media EOOD to pay BGN30,000 for violating the Protection of Competition Act, CPC's press service informed. The antitrust institution was approached by the Sofia-based company Svobodno Slovo OOD. Since end-July 2003 its has been publishing the Doctor for Free weekly. According to the company's claim, six months later Shock media launched on the market the General Practitioner newspaper, whose design imitates that of Doctor without Money. In this specific case the CPC established considerable similarity regarding the graphic design of the two papers' titles, an announcement of the antitrust commission reads. In both papers the title is placed on a red rectangular background with a photo of a doctor in the left end. There is likeness as well in the way the titles are written. The accent is on the word doctor. When buying the paper readers are guided by their wish to get quickly useful information on various problems connected with human health. Moreover, after the General Practitioner came onto the market, a tendency of decreasing the circulation of Doctor for Free has been is observed. Less than a month ago the CPC fined Shock Media to pay BGN30,000 because the newspaper it publishes - Show - imitates the graphic layout of another yellow paper - Shock.

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