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At an open-bidding tender the Privatisation Agency (PA) sold the Varna-based Cultural Centre - a self-contained part of Navigation Maritime Bulgare (Navibulgar) - for BGN1,850,000. The tender started on Monday, May 31, 2004 from the initially set price of BGN1,250,000 and the bidding step was BGN50,000. Kohav OOD - Varna is the new owner of the property. The company is engaged in vessels' repairs, shipping agency services, domestic and foreign trade. Kohav's Manager Nikolay Nikolv refrained from comments about the plans for the purchased cultural centre. Half of the money from the sale will be remitted to PA's accounts on the day of signing the contract, and the balance is to be paid 15 days later. However, it is not clear if the money from the privatisation will go to the budget or to Navibulgar's deposits. Five candidates who had filed purchase offers for the self-contained part were admitted to the tender. The other bidders, in addition to the winner, were: the Varna-based firms Christina Cholakova Sole Trader and March EOOD, the Sofia-based Denil Discrete OOD, and Lyubomir Stefanov Mihov as a natural person. Christina Cholakova Sole Trader was the only one who withdrew from the tender immediately after its opening.

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