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Demand for building materials went up by some 30% last year, dealers from the branch claim. This concerns the products, used mostly for repair and reconstruction. The stir-up within the sector is explainable, as during the last two or three years many old housings in the central parts of big towns and cities changed their owners and most of the new holders began to improve their homes. Among the most demanded construction goods are: the insulation materials of the fibran type, various dry adhesions and composites for majolica and terracotta, as well as components and rakers for fitting-up bathrooms. Bulgarians definitely improve their living conditions and make more and more improvements, considered earlier as de luxe. Demand for PVC window frames has increased too, although prices tend to go up by 2-5% annually, according to data for the last three years. Experts are adamant that the upward trend in the consumption of construction materials will continue till the end of 2004. It is interesting that villa regions around Sofia and the Bulgarian seaside centres are more actively been reconstructed. In addition to new construction, most of the owners of villas and houses aim to make them inhabitable throughout the year, installing heating systems and improving the general heat exchange of buildings. Luxurious elements, which sell best on the markets are connected with the construction of swimming pools and laying of decorative pavements. Systems for purification and filtration of water, as well as sun rays collectors are also demanded, although they are still quite expensive.Strange as it might seem, demand for building materials is up despite their prices, although until recently the situation was the reverse, i.e. consumption was increasing when costs were going down. This is to a certain extent connected with the upward price trend of housing construction, registered within the last year and a half, experts point out. Real estate holders are already at ease that the money they spend on repairs would be restored if they eventually sell the housings.

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