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The PA has invited a tender for the sale of 100% of the shares in Toplofikatsiya-Vratsa. The 2001 turnover of the central heating company amounetd to BGN4.5MN. The tender dossiers can be had at BGN1,000. The tender will be held in two stages. Those who get a certificate for registration will be able to conduct their own legal and financial analysis and and file preliminary offers.100% of the capital of Central Repairing Facility - BD EOOD of Bobov Dol will be sold through a public tender with open bidding. The initial tender price is BGN360,000 and the required deposit for participation in BGN36,000. The winner should pay half of the final price on the day of signing the privatisation contract, and the other 50% within 20 days.The PA has invited a tender for the sale of 100% of teh capital of Oasis EOOD of Varna. The company deals in trade, restaurant and hotel keeping, and its 2001 turnover was BGN18,000.100% of the capital of National Centre for Design and Advertising EOOD, Sofia, will be put up for sale at an open tender. The initially asked price is BGN712,000. Intertrust AD, Sofia bought 90% of the capital of MTA EAD, Plovdiv at BGN1,850,000. The new owner has undertaken to maintain the company's subject of activity for a period of three years and not reduce its share participation below 51 per cent.

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