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By an amendment to the Municipal Property Act the MPs from the parliamentary Commission on Local Self-governance recommended the National Assembly to put an end to one of the evil practices by banning the sale of municipal real estates against compensation instruments of payment. The proposal for amendments to article 41 of the law was moved by the commission's Deputy Chairperson Marina Dikova from the NMSII while discussing the draft bill at second reading on Wednesday (July 14). This is a constitutional problem because the State issues securities and after that exchanges them for property of another owner, Assen Gagauzov from Coalition for Bulgaria supported his colleague.The deputies decided as well that the sale, renting, contributions in kind, and other activities connected with real estates would be based on the actual market price of the estate, made by an independent licensed evaluator on the order of the municipality. Sales cannot be effected at a price lower than the actual market evaluation of the real estate, one of the new provisions stipulates. A serious discussion was provoked by the proposal of the commission's Chairman Remzi Osman, who demanded the use of municipal housings for non-residential purposes to be banned. In a district of Bourgas there is a 24-storey building which is a polyclinic, and if that provision is passed the people in the region would be deprived of a healthcare establishment nearby, said Georgi Stanilov, former governor of Bourgas, now MP from the People's Union. He added that in small municipalities there were a lot of empty blocks as there were no people in housing needs. However, Ms. Dikova explained that the proposal was made in order to avoid abuse in bigger towns where many people are waiting for accommodation. The text does not ban renting of flats (e.g. for a dental surgery), but before that the municipality should first change the functional statute of the housing according to the order, stipulated in the law on town planning, Mr. Gagauzov said. On the proposal of Hristo Kirchev from UDF the deputies decided to consider another formulation of the text in order to protect the interests of small municipalities.On Monday (July12) the Civil Association against Corruption and Illegal Construction announced it will work out a register of floor property for the central Sofia regions. It will cost about USD3,000-5,000, to be provided by the Democratic Commission with the US Embassy in Bulgaria. The register will contain a file of each building, each state, information about the owners, etc., the association's Chairman Stoil Stoilov explained. Information will be entered in the register on a voluntary principle, he added. The first, pilot register has been launched in the Triaditsa municipality of the capital city. Within a month information about 34 buildings was entered in it.

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