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The project for supporting the Paediatric Clinic in Sofia will become all-European, Prof. Brock from the Rotary Club Koblenz promised when handing the documents for a EUR1MN grant aid to the hospital. Apart from the German Rotarians, Belgians have also been invited to participate in the charity. The target is to complete the repair of the first clinic for children in Bulgaria by 2005, when the healthcare establishment will mark its 100th anniversary. The Rotary movement will also celebrate its 100th anniversary that year. At a meeting with the managerial team and some of the patients of the Paediatric Clinic, representatives of the Rotary Club Koblenz presented to the children in the hospital toys, hand-made by the Rotarians' wives. The project for the clinic's renovation envisions thorough repair of the premises, entire refurbishing, and replacement of all the equipment. The materials for the repair have already been purchased in Germany and will be delivered soon, members of the Rotary Club Koblenz explained. Good political, cultural and church relations between Germans and Bulgarians, whose roots can be traced far back in history (in 9th century) and the intensive economic relations from the beginning of the 20th century till nowadays are the grounds for teh establishment and operation of the bilateral committee Rotary Bulgaria - Germany. Its members follow the will of the two countries and nations, and endeavour to give their contribution to the development of the free democratic legal order in Europe, some of whose great achievements are both Germany's unification and the restoration of democracy in Bulgaria, says the agreement for setting up the committee, signed by the two clubs' presidents - Prof. Dr. Zahari Krastev and Karl Jurgen Wilbert.

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