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Licences for taxi services shall be eliminated. The firms offering such services shall be only liable to special registration. This is stipulated by the amendments to the Automobile Transportation Act, approved by the Cabinet on Thursday (June 12). According to the Deputy Minister of Transport and Telecommunications Lyubomil Ivanov, in order to be listed in the register taxi operators should prove their reliability and professional competence. Mr. Ivanov explained that the fees for registration would be specified by a special ordinance. It will also introduce labels for distinguishing registered taxis form the fake ones. If the draft bill is approved by parlaiment, firms that offer taxi services shall not be inspected for their financial stability. A mandatory requirement for their registration, however, will be to insure the seats in the cars and to buy a Civil Liability insurance. An important moment is the defining of transportation at own expenses, i.e. transportation directly connected with the firms' operation, carried out at their own costs. Mr. Ivanov gave as an example the transportation of workers from their homes to the working place and back, organized by the employers at their expenses.In such cases the enterprises shall not have to apply for licences for transport activities. Introduction of speed limitations for the transporation of passangers and cargoes on the country's territory has been proposed as well. The maximum speed for buses will be 100 km/hour, and lorries will be allowed to drive at 90 km/hour at the most.

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