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Almost 30% of the real estate agencies, registered in Sofia in 2002, have not renewed their registration in 2003 and have not paid their patent tax, brokers claim. The problem is that the market is quite dull in the beginning of the year and their proceeds are insignificant. Of course, it does not mean that these firms will leave the game. They'll simply continue to operate as consulting agencies. When they can afford to pay their tax, most of them will do that, insiders underline. But this may be done not earlier than in March-April when the real estate market usually stirs up. Till then the customers should be very careful about the brokers they are dealing with and if the conditions offered by them are realistic. There's no doubt that the taxes should be collected. Isn't it more wise for the law to stpulate an opportunity for rescheduling the payment for companies, operating on a market that is dependent on the season. Because it might happen that some of the real estate agencies like it to stay in the shade and could remain there for much longer.

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