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Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) has extended loans worth BGN450MN so far and plans its credits to exceed BGN500MN by the year-end. According to that indicator the financial institution holds an 8% market share (of all loans extented by the local bank system). Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) will be developing more actively consumer crediting because it has been so far orientated to corporate clients. Last month alone loans of BGN2MN-plus were allocated to citizens, which is much higher than the expectations for the period. Mortgage credits have registered a similar growth. The aim is to reach within three or four years a ratio of the credit portfolio which is consistent with that of the banking system, where 20% of the loans are extended to citizens and 80% to corporate clients. For that purpose the financial institution is expanding its branch network. Its newest branch office was opened in Velingrad on June 10. The natural persons who are clients of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) have increased by 20% since the beginning of 2003 and their number already exceeds 60,000. A poll of the bank shows that more than three quarters of the receivers of credits prefer that financial institution because of the convenience and quality of services it offers. They rate the bank's image in the first place, the quality of services - in the second place, and the price terms - in the third place.

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