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The first anniversary of the Public Procurement Agency was celebrated by opening a new register, personally presented by Economy Minister Milko Kovachev on May 25. The event was also attended by the heads of organisations which financed its establishment - Debra McFarland, Mission Director of USAID Bulgaria, and Mary J. Abitt from the Open Management Initiative project. The new register is a key moment in the strategy for Bulgaria's e-government. It has been realized by the companies Rila Solutions, Oracle, TSPK Progress, and Axior. The register will be connected with the database for public procurement of the European Union (EU) and with the new electronic issue of the Official Gazette. The system will provide information about the possibilities for participation in public procurement and about the results of the procedures for assigning the work.The register includes also the Public Procurement Act, the administrative procedures,the EU regulations and the international good practices in that sphere. The public procurement register plays a significant role for the establishment of clear market rules, transparency and fair competition, Mr. Kovachev pointed out.

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