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ProCredit Bank will officially introduce its new logo on September 15, the financial institution's management announced at a special press conference on September 10. The change has been necessitated in order to standardize the name and logo of the group of ten microfinancing credit institutions, operating in Southeastern Europe. The decision was made by the shareholders in reply to the undertaken commitments to the region and the intensifying integration between the credit institutions. The logo depicts a colourful globe, revealing the wide presence and the variety of markets and cultures within the bank's structure.The activities of the ten microfinancing banks, among which is the Bulgarian credit institution, are concentrated in financing micro, small, and medium-sized business in Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine. All of them service more than 250,000 clients and manage assets of EUR800MN-plus.ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) is ambitious to finance 10% of the market of small and medium-sized enterprises and attract some 40,000-50,000 credit borrowers, up from the present 20,000 clients, announced Kay Ilm, Managing Director of the bank's Sofia branch. This step includes the increase of the maximum amount for an investment loan to BGN1.2MN and extending the term for repayment to seven years. ProCredit Bank will be increasing its presence in the small towns where its potetial clients are. By the year-end 30 branches and offices will be operating in this country, said Susane Decker, Executive Director and Chairperson of the ProCredit Bank's Management Board.

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