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The Ministers of Tourism of all Balkan countries arrived in Sofia to take part in the second conference on tourism Bulgaria - Dream Area. The forum was opened on January 9, 2003, by Premier Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Deputy Prime Minister Nikolay Vassilev and the former governor of Nevada Bob Miller. The Bulgarian Foreign Minister Solomon Passy also participated in the morning seminars of the conference. Among the main topics to be discussed are the quality of the tourist product, the training of experts for leisure industry, and the future of the cultural tourism and eco-tourism. The Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 are the main subject in the conference programme as they offer good opportunities not only for the tourism in Bulgaria, but also for our economy in general. In 2002 revenues from leisure industry jumped by 8% and are expected to top USD1.3BN, says Deputy PM Nikolay Vassilev.

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